Community Support

Despite everything that has occurred, we all have so much to be thankful for as the year comes to a close (and trust me, it can’t be over soon enough). COVID-19 truly has impacted so many individuals and families beyond words. With the ongoing closures of businesses, virtual learning for school-aged children, and households having to rely on one income or no income at all – the weight of it all has brought people to their knees wondering what happens next?
I don’t know personally how it’s affected each and every one of you, but as I write this, just knowing we are all still employed and have a revenue stream is better than most may be experiencing at this very moment. This Holiday Season is going to be extremely difficult for so many this year. Not only are people uncertain of if they will have enough resources to celebrate Christmas, but they’re worrying they may not have enough money to feed their families or keep a roof over their heads. I don’t know each of your financial situations, but I do ask if you are in a position to help others out – now is the time. I can tell you the number of families out there suffering in our very own communities is so much greater than we think.
Support your community’s food bank, adopt a family, ring the bell for The Salvation Army, make a donation to our Toys for Tots. Every little bit makes a difference.
Whether you donate money, donate items, or volunteer your time, I want to encourage you to find a way to contribute to your community.
As we gather with our friends and family over the course of the next month, I ask that you also pray and think of those less fortunate in hopes they will find brighter days. Days that there is hope.