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August 2017

Unplug & Unwind

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For those of you that don’t know, my family and I spend most of our summers at our lake home in Northern Minnesota and for those who haven’t been to Northern Minnesota – this is heaven! From tall white pines, the amazing lakes, to the wildlife – it is truly an amazing place bursting with natural beauty. Each summer we have the opportunity to host several families to share our home and what this great area has to offer.
So far this summer, we’ve hosted several families and kids ranging from ages 3-19. Regardless of age, everyone has shared an appreciation to simply enjoy what God has created and to take it all in. It is a pure joy to see the smiles on their faces and hear the laughter while playing in the lake. To see their expression when they hear a loon for the first time or when they spot a bald eagle flying overhead is quite memorable. Then there are those guests who are true troopers, staying up until 3:00 am in hopes of seeing a glimpse of the Northern Lights for the first time. Witnessing all of this first hand is such a rewarding and once in a lifetime experience.
In today’s world and environment, if you choose to disconnect from time to time and simply enjoy nature, you will find it is a wonderful experience. Whether you’re enjoying the beauty of Northern Minnesota or someplace else – take the opportunity to simply unplug and enjoy. It is truly one amazing experience you won’t regret!