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March 2018

2018 Winter Olympics

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If you took the opportunity to watch any of the 2018 Winter Olympics (or like myself, was glued to the TV at every waking moment); you witnessed not only part of history, but saw firsthand how pure dedication, hard work, and commitment for something you love can pay off. Of the 92 competing countries, the ages of the competitors ranged anywhere from 15 to 51. Regardless of whether or not it was their first Winter Olympics, or for one athlete – her fifth, they all had one goal in mind; to capture that gold medal.

For the few that achieved their goal, I’m sure it was a moment where their emotions were indescribable. A moment in time that they will not soon forget. A moment where all the sweat, tears, and hard-work has finally paid off. Just imagine the endless hours, heartache, and sacrifices that went into the training for this one moment. For most, it truly has been a lifetime of non-stop training for the love of their sport. The strict lifestyle they must have adapted to is one that should be commended. But just imagine the sense of purpose these gold medalists must feel!

Now think of the opportunities we all have in our own lives to be a better person, associate, spouse, friend, parent, or significant other. It all comes down to a few things similar to an Olympic Athlete – dedication, commitment, sacrifices, and hard work. Imagine what success being that focused in on being a better person would bring you. The opportunities to have stronger fulfilling relationships and a richer healthier life are within your grasp if you want them bad enough!