Picture This

As we all navigate through these diffi­cult times in dealing with COVID-19, I keep thinking and asking myself the same questions. Will this (or at least parts of it) be the new norm? Is this a sign from God for us to slow down and relish in the moment? To embrace quality family time instead of relying so heavily on our devic­es and constantly living in a time of immediacy? As countries, cities, businesses, and families around the world come to a standstill, there isn’t a single individual or entity that will not be affected by this pandemic.


I believe parts of it could be. I feel restaurants and sports & entertain­ment will all have new limitations along with a different look and feel in the near future. We may see occupancy permits lowered in public places and instead of packing as many attendees in as possible, the numbers will be re­duced to allow “social distancing”. I feel this very well could also rollover to public/mass transportation. Where­as again, instead of jamming as many bodies as possible onto a train, bus, or airplane, there may again be some lim­itations put into place to continue to allow for “social distancing”. Another part of which I feel will become part of the new norm, is our personal health and hygiene. We’re all going to be more cognizant of going to work or send­ing our children off to school with the slightest cough or mild fever. We’re all going to be more attentive at covering our sneezes and coughs as to not infect those around us. The washing of hands and surfaces is for sure to stay and will become a new ritual performed more frequently.


I firmly feel it is. This is a sign for us to slow down, appreciate our time together, and to quit relying on our devices so heavily for immediate gratification. This will forever be re­membered as a time where families gathered together to share stories, watch movies, play games, go on walks, and have meaningful conver­sations. A time for us to all slow down a little and embrace each moment. It has also been a time for our world to heal with water and air pollution lev­els drastically reducing and little to no crime or violence.

Personally, I have no doubt we will be able to come out of this stronger as individuals and as a business. May­be, this is unknowingly what we all needed! A wake up call to adjust our lives and prioritize what’s really im­portant to us and matters the most, human connection.

I’ll leave you with something that I saw on Facebook. I feel it sum­marizes everything perfectly.


picture this:

it’s late 2020, our homes are clean and organized. we’re more connected than ever before because all we’ve been able to do is communicate. we’ve been forced to focus on self-care so we are thriving.

we come out of homes, the world reopens and we are kinder, more loving, more grateful, and more appreciative of the beauty of life and human connection than ever before.

and together we rebuild the world intentionally and sustainably.