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May 2017

The Choices We Make

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Over the past week, most of you have already heard of the horrible automobile/tractor accident involving former Bachelor Star, Chris Soules and Kenneth Mosher. This accident took the life of 66 year old Kenneth who was a husband, father, and grandfather. The day of the accident, Chris probably greeted the day with his regular morning routine, which also likely involved strategizing around what the next steps would be in getting the spring crops in on the family farm. Little did he know, within hours, several choices he’d be making would ultimately cost another man his life and will forever change his very own.
The choice (I’m presuming) of having one more drink and getting behind the wheel instead of calling a friend to pick him up. The choice of leaving the scene of the accident. These are all choices he made and right or wrong – will have to live with for the rest of his life. While the investigation continues, there is definite speculation that he was above the legal limit. When Chris left the scene of the accident and refused to come out of his home for over 5 hours until authorities were able to deliver a warrant for his arrest, which indeed has fueled that speculation even further. Choices he made could’ve possibly been prevented and the life of an innocent man saved. Choices that will more than likely put him behind bars for a lengthy period of time and may cost him everything he owns.
This is an important reminder to all of us that every hour, day, week, and month we have choices to make. These choices are both big and small and can affect not only our own lives but the lives of those around us. Please remind yourself that the choices you make today could completely change your life or the life of others forever. As I tell my kids on a daily basis, please make good choices as you never know how a bad choice is going to end.