Choices. Such a simple, yet impact­ful word. Our lives revolve around choices. Daily, we are faced with having to make choices on all levels. Choices that could potentially im­pact us, our family, or strangers for the rest of their lives.

My wife and I have had this very con­versation, surrounding this single word, with our children since they’ve been old enough to comprehend what it meant. Whether they were going out to play with their friends at a young age, getting into a car with a newly licensed driver to drive around town, attending a concert with friends, or simply doing what young adults do, they have con­stantly been reminded to “make good choices.” They know that bad or poor choices could change their life, or the lives of others, forever.

On the evening of Monday, May 25th, Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis Police Officer, made a very irresponsible, self­ish, arrogant, hatred-filled, and reck­less choice that will forever change the lives of many. A choice that took the life of George Floyd as he lay on the ground completely defenseless and pleading for his life. A choice that has sparked the mayhem that has erupted across this great country and world. Our country is hurting right now, and rightfully so. Our great nation has so much rage, anger, and hatred. So much so, that I feel it will take a long time to heal from.

The impact of choices is powerful be­yond our imagination, and as prov­en over the last 7 days, can forever change the lives of you and others.