Slow Down Time

As a parent of three children and having just moved my youngest into college, my wife and I are at a point in our lives that we’ve never really discussed. We knew we would end up here inevitably but here we are… empty nesters. For those who know me or have read through some of my blogs, it should be of no surprise when I say, my children are my world. I love when we are all together as a family. Simply having them in our home under one roof with constant interaction – brings the biggest smiles to my face.

As Lisa and I adjust to not having Carson (our youngest) around, I wanted to share these thoughts. Do not wish time away when your children are younger. Instead, embrace each stage of their life. As I reflect on having a 24-year-old, a soon to be 22, and an 18-year-old, my mind often goes to questioning how we got here. How can it be that I have three grown children when we were just changing diapers, teaching them how to ride bikes, eating lunch with them at school, attending Junior High sporting events, hosting 9th Grade Graduation parties, taking pictures of their Prom dates, and hosting their High School Graduation parties? To this day, I would still do anything to slow down time. We all get wrapped up with work and living in a time when everything is instant gratification. It would be nice for us all to take a moment to stop and enjoy the present with our children.

As you start your own families, I want to encourage you to embrace all the years you have with them. Never wish to flash forward to the next stage in their life because it will come much quicker than you imagine. Soon you too will be empty nesters and will be left feeling as I and Lisa do, wondering how it happened so fast!