Happy Father’s Day!

I’m often asked what my proudest moment is and what role I have enjoyed the most. A majority of the time, the person asking is assuming I’ll answer with something surrounding the success of our business or my accomplishments as a businessman. Instead, I have answered this question the same ever since the birth of my children. My proudest moments are the days when my three children were born. And the role I’ve enjoyed the most is being a Father to each of them.
As Father’s Day approaches and those of us who are Fathers celebrate, I’m sure we will be showered with cards, gifts, hugs, phone calls, and genuine appreciation for what we do for our kids. And I can tell you, I love this day. Not because of the attention, but because I am able to celebrate something as incredible as fatherhood. Anyone who knows me knows the one thing I cherish the most is time spent with my children. Simply being around them warms my heart, pumps life into me, and brings a smile to my face.
So on this upcoming Father’s Day, I want to ask those of you who are Fathers, to sit back and relish in all the hugs, kisses, cards, and love.
Be thankful for your children and the joy they bring to your life.
We are truly blessed. Happy Father’s Day!